The Pre-Med Experience

Bonus: Pre-Med Experience in Panama

EVENT DATE: Wednesday, October 25, 2023 @ 8:00-9:15PM EST

Attendees joining Madison Sweitzer in “Pre-Med Experience in Panama” will follow her virtually on her live journey as she:

  • Delves into the critical intersections of water, health, and empowerment in Nuevo Vijao.
  • Highlights the Darién rivers’ role in public health and the challenges faced.
  • Engages with community health workers, offering insights into global health interventions.
  • Showcases the synergy between medical volunteers, clinics, and long-term health initiatives.
  • Guides a journey along the Chagres River, framing it within a medical and environmental context.
  • Breaks down the significance of water and its implications for Panama’s health and the global medical landscape.