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Wed., October 25, 2023 @ 8:00-9:15PM EST

Bonus Pre-Med Experience

Are you a pre-med student intrigued by the connections between healthcare, environmental issues, and community empowerment? Then set your sights on the Pre-Med Experience Panama, coming to you live from Madison Sweitzer on the field.
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Megan Nguyen, an MS1 at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, will be your guiding voice throughout Madison’s incredible journey. Megan’s passion for medicine and social media savvy makes her the perfect host to link your aspirations with the real-world experiences Madison will share.

Don’t miss this chance to enrich your pre-med journey under Megan’s experienced guidance.

Join Madison Sweitzer for an Unforgettable Pre-Med Experience in Panama

Wednesday, October 25, 2023 @ 8:00-9:15PM EST

Madison Sweitzer on the river
Madison Sweitzer on the Chagres River

Explore a Must-See Pre-Med Experience

Madison’s eye-opening journey will take you to the heart of Nuevo Vijao, Panama, where you’ll witness first-hand the challenges and victories in delivering healthcare to remote areas. You’ll gain a new understanding of how water scarcity critically impacts health and what dedicated medical teams are doing to drive meaningful change.

But that’s not all. This is a chance to broaden your knowledge and perspectives. Attending this webinar also means enhancing your pre-med credentials. Plus, you’ll walk away with a certificate of completion worth 1.5 extracurricular hours.

Don’t miss this unique chance to enrich both your understanding of global healthcare issues and your resume. Register now for an experience that could shape your future in medicine.

Madison and a monkey

Navigate Nuevo Vijao's Water Woes

Join Madison Sweitzer as she explores the complex relationships surrounding water in the Darién region of Panama. Understand how a single river can be a life-giving source and the hub of community life. Witness the determination of Global Medical Brigades and community members as they work to implement a sustainable water project, revealing the urgent need for healthcare solutions in areas facing water scarcity.

Panama Water Tanker

Community Health Workers: Meet the Unsung Heroes of Rural Medicine

Experience the world of community health workers (CHWs) in rural Panama through Madison’s lens. Discover how the CHW program is not only improving health outcomes but also providing avenues for education and entrepreneurship, especially for women. Gain insights into how these healthcare pioneers are solving medical challenges with limited resources, insights that could make you a more effective and empathetic physician in the future.

Community Health Workers

Get a Firsthand Look at Mobile Clinics and Sustainable Healthcare

Step into the frontline of healthcare delivery in Panama with Madison Sweitzer. See how Global Medical Brigades, volunteers, and community health workers unite to deliver vital healthcare services. This experience will offer you an in-depth look into the operation of mobile clinics and year-long projects aimed at making healthcare accessible for all.

Healthcare in Panama

Discover Cultural Wonders: A Fun Yet Educational Detour

Continue the adventure with Madison as she sets sail along the Chagres River to Monkey Island, where you’ll see how water supports both human life and local biodiversity. Learn why, as a future physician, environmental stewardship matters for long-term health.

Then, delve into the Panama Canal’s impact on Panama’s healthcare and economy. Witness how the Chagres River, crucial for the Canal, is interwoven with both the nation’s financial well-being and public health.

This engaging part of the tour enriches your pre-med journey by highlighting the complex relationship between human health, environmental sustainability, and cultural landmarks.

Panama Canal

Your Leaders in Healthcare Exploration

Live Q&A with Madison & Dr. Mehta

Get Your Burning Questions Answered

After our immersive journey through Panama’s cultural landmarks and its healthcare challenges, don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage directly with Madison Sweitzer during our live Q&A session. She will be accompanied by Dr. Sahil Mehta, the founder of MedSchoolCoach and an interventional radiologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. This is your chance to delve further into the topics discussed and pose those pressing questions you’ve been eager to ask.

Both experts will be available to offer expert answers and invaluable insights. This session is an ideal opportunity to deepen your understanding and further your pursuit of a career in medicine.

Madison Sweitzer, Global Medical Brigades
Madison Sweitzer Program Manager
Madison joined Global Brigades in 2021 after earning her Bachelor's magna cum laude in Global Studies from the University of Richmond and a Master's in Social Justice from Prescott College. Her focus was on Development and Latin American, Latinx, and Iberian Studies,. While at UR, she also spent a semester studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Universidad Católica de Argentina.
Dr. Sahil Mehta, MedSchoolCoach
Sahil Mehta MD MedSchoolCoach
Dr. Sahil Mehta is a board-certified Interventional Radiologist, specializing in minimally invasive treatments. He practices at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and is on faculty at Harvard Medical School. He is also the founder of MedSchoolCoach, helping future physicians realize their dream of becoming a doctor.

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Yes, the webinar will be recorded and made available to all registered attendees. This allows you to revisit Madison's journey and the valuable insights shared during the live Q&A session.

After attending the full webinar, you will receive a certificate of completion via email. This certificate is good for 1.5 extracurricular hours and can be included in your medical school application.

Madison will be open to questions about rural healthcare, water sustainability projects in Nuevo Vijao, the role of Global Medical Brigades, and how these experiences can be valuable for a pre-med student.

You'll need a stable internet connection and a device capable of video streaming. You'll receive a link with login instructions upon registration. Although Madison will be live from the field, you can join her from the comfort of your home, dorm, or wherever you stream!

Yes! The Pre-Med Experience in Panama will be completely free for students (and parents). The purpose of this event is to provide an immersive virtual experience to all prospective doctors looking to make an impact.

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